The mission of G.R.O.W. is to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.

The G.R.O.W. curriculum empowers girls with a greater sense of self-awareness, a sense of achievement and a foundation in team building as well as a commitment to enhancing their communities, all of which helps them become, strong contented and self-confident women.

Through interactive activities such as running, playing games, and discussing important issues, participants in G.R.O.W. learn how to celebrate their unique and real selves.

Each session is led by trained female coaches that guide and mentor girls through the fun and uplifting curriculum.

The program concludes with all participants walking or running in a 5k (3.1 mile) event.

The program focuses on building self-esteem and improving emotional, social, mental and physical health.

Lessons include topics to enable girls to grow strong during adolescence. Topics include dealing with body image and the media, resisting peer-pressure, making healthy decisions, and contributing to the community.

G.R.O.W. is NOT a program that train girls to compete at an elite running level, although an outcome of the program will be a healthier and fit girl.

G.R.O.W. mentors do NOT need to be elite runners. Any woman, who lives a healthy lifestyle and is committed to improving the lives of girls, can serve as a G.R.O.W. coach.

Written by Administrator.